The Monomoy Company was founded and is run by Richard Francis, a trusted, independent advisor. He has more than twenty years of research and strategy experience in clean technologies and sustainable buildings.

Shortly after setting up The Monomoy Company, Richard helped deliver the World Green Building Council’s (WorldGBC) landmark report on healthy offices and led the team that developed the highly-regarded Metrics Framework that is now being used by companies throughout the world. 

Following this project, Richard created the blueprint for the WorldGBC Better Places for People campaign and went on to expand the offices work into retail by leading an international taskforce.

He helped create and chair the UKGBC Wellbeing Labs for both offices and retail and works regularly with green building councils and other non-profits on events, workshops and educational materials.

Richard's work with companies presently focuses on how personal technology is upending traditional sustainability models and creating a much wider demand for healthy environments.

He feels very lucky to enjoy positions of industry leadership and is always willing to share ideas or help.

 Please click to see full CV

Please click to see full CV