The way we define and deliver green buildings has remained largely the same for three decades. The conventional process has made significant gains, but it is often seen as prescriptive, complicated and expensive.

At Monomoy we offer a fresh alternative that makes achieving green and healthy places flexible, understandable and valuable. We help you communicate important messages using language and information that people are coming to expect (and reward) in other areas of their lives.

We know that people are making stronger connections between where they are and how they are — all the time. They want to know more (and do more) about the places where they spend most of their time and money.

In other industries, green products have remained niche until consumers could understand both the environmental and personal benefits of their choices. Now, these products are the fastest growing cohort by far.

At Monomoy, we spend a lot of time thinking about this — and readying our clients for the changes to come.