In a world where we are increasingly aware of what we put in our bodies, we know relatively little about what we put our bodies in. Yet buildings are where we spend most of our time, most of our money and they are one of the most significant determinants of our physical and mental health.

New technology is empowering us to generate and consume data about our own personal environments in ways never seen before. We are now able to make stronger connections between where we are and how we are and to share that information with others.

At The Monomoy Company we help our clients prepare for and profit from the opportunities that are emerging as the world's biggest asset class (real estate) meets one of the world's largest and fastest growing consumer markets (health & wellness) via the world's biggest agent of change (personal technology).

Healthy and sustainable brands in other industries outperform the competition by miles.

Why should buildings be any different?

You can read about more about our approach in the most recent Corporate Real Estate Journal:

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